Where is It Still Iegal?

Since electric cigarettes were introduced, there have been a number of arguments raised by all the parties for and against them. The medics have had their concerns, and so have the smokers. And it is not just at the individual level, but at the organizational level as well. The FDA and the WHO have also had their reservations with the cigarettes in terms of them being solutions and/or alternatives to smoking. And the debates have had their own consequences, with some countries declaring them legal while others illegal.

Countries where the E-Cigarettes Are legal
Generally, the issue surrounding the legality of e-cigarettes is not that clear in many countries. Starting with Europe, there are countries which the cigarettes aren’t illegal yes, but the licensing laws block the sale of the same due to technicalities in the elements/compounds of the cigarettes. One such country is Denmark. The laws here generally categorize anything with nicotine as a medical product and so do the cigarettes. The cigarettes therefore need the relevant medical authorization for them to be sold.

Other countries with controversies surrounding the e-cigarettes in Europe include Finland, Latvia, Norway and The Netherlands. However, you will realize that there are some exceptions in such countries like in airports and personal use importation cases where the cigarettes are sold and used, but only to people above the age of majority.

However, the e-cigarettes are legal in most Europe countries. The restrictions mainly apply to the nicotine-containing e-cigarettes.

The cigarettes are legal in many states in the US, except for a few states where there have been debates about their legality, like California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington State. However, it is illegal to sell the cigarettes to minors.

In Australia, the e-cigarettes are also legal despite the classification of nicotine as poisonous. In the Victoria state, the laws do not restrict anyone on buying the e-cigarettes online for personal use. Other countries where the cigarettes are legal include China, South Korea and New Zealand.

Countries Where The E-Cigarettes are Banned
The most notable of these countries is Brazil. Here, neither the selling of advertising of the e-cigarettes is allowed. This ban is due to health concerns as assessed by the countries health agency, Anvisa which found the cigarettes “lacking enough information” to qualify them as healthy products.

The other country where the same case applies is Canada. The ban here is also due to “unsatisfactory information” from the manufacturers of these cigarettes concerning there their health risk.

Panama has totally banned the sale and importation of the cigarettes. The reason for doing so is based on the findings of FDA.

Singapore also doesn’t allow the distribution and importation these products. The reason for their illegality is that the motive behind the manufacture of the cigarettes was to attract more people (especially the young) into smoking.

Lebanon recently banned the cigarettes with effect from 21st September 2011.
As such, it is important to know where to carry the cigarettes is at all you are a visitor, otherwise you might be met by very punishments in some countries if you aren’t careful.

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